Literatura de Cordel


Deliverable: 5 Distinct Zines
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign,
Risograph Printer

Literatura de Cordel is a Portuguese term meaning “string literature” that was used to describe inexpensively printed booklets. The Literatura de Cordel was explored in the production of five distinct zines, featuring different themes, content, and design aesthetic. Each unique zine was cheaply made and produced 33 times to be sold at the Sommer Ausstellung, at Hochschule Darmstadt.


Emojio and Juliet


This zine depicts the story of Romeo and Juliet only through emojis.
Printed on a Risograph printer.


Idioms for Idiots


A beginners handbook of phrases in different languages with meanings not deducible from the individual words.
Printed in two colours on a Risograph printer.


Ninja in Valencia


A collection of photographs from Valencia’s old town that depict David de Limón’s graffiti ninjas.
Printed in two colours on a Risograph printer.




A zine exploring the many definitions of jam, through the use of poetry and recipes.
Printed in two colours on a Risograph printer.


Cinque Terre


A photography zine that captures the picturesque area of Cinque Terre “five lands” that is located in the Italian Riviera.


Sommer Ausstellung


Sommer Ausstellung is a student summer exhibition that occurs at the in of the term at Hochschule Darmstadt/Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. The Literatura de Cordel zines were displayed and sold on a clothesline, in order to stay true to the history and culture of this type of Literature.